In baseball or softball, the catcher is the player who crouches behind home plate and catches the pitches that aren't hit by the batter.

The catcher plays an important role in the game of baseball, being the person who uses hand signals to request specific pitches and heads up the team's defense. Because of the catcher's position (behind a swinging bat, facing a fast-moving baseball), he or she wears protective gear, including a mask and chest guard. Catchers tend to have more injuries and shorter careers than other players — crouching tends to be very hard on their knees.

Definitions of catcher
  1. noun
    the position on a baseball team of the player who is stationed behind home plate and who catches the balls that the pitcher throws
    “a catcher needs a lot of protective equipment”
    “a catcher plays behind the plate”
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    type of:
    (in team sports) the role assigned to an individual player
  2. noun
    (baseball) the person who plays the position of catcher
    synonyms: backstop
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    type of:
    (baseball) a person who plays a position in the infield
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