1. genus Anopheles malaria mosquitoes
  2. Asian influenza influenza caused by the Asian virus that was first isolated in 1957
  3. genus Anaphalis a genus of herbs of north temperate regions having hoary leaves: pearly everlasting
  4. Juncus inflexus tall rush of temperate regions
  5. genus Felis type genus of the Felidae: true cats and most wildcats
  6. Canadian Falls a part of Niagara Falls in Ontario
  7. sinfulness estrangement from god
  8. Alois Senefelder German printer who invented lithography (1771-1834)
  9. inference a conclusion you can draw based on known evidence
  10. Elysian Fields (Greek mythology) the abode of the blessed after death
  11. swine influenza an acute and highly contagious respiratory disease of swine caused by the orthomyxovirus thought to be the same virus that caused the 1918 influenza pandemic
  12. civilized having a high state of culture and social development
  13. gaseous nebula a cluster of stars within an intricate cloud of gas and dust
  14. cross infection an infection that is acquired at a hospital or other healthcare facility
  15. gaseousness having the consistency of a gas
  16. Aloys Senefelder German printer who invented lithography (1771-1834)
  17. convulsive affected by involuntary jerky muscular contractions
  18. casus belli an event used to justify starting a war
  19. convalescence gradual healing through rest after sickness or injury
  20. Cortinarius violaceus a fungus that is violet overall with a squamulose cap