A cartoon makes a brief, funny comment using illustrations and is often found on television, in a newspaper or in a magazine. The Simpsons and Snoopy? Both cartoons.

A cartoon can be a satirical or humorous drawing, a series of illustrations (also called a comic strip), or an animated film. Many kids grow up watching new and classic cartoons on TV. Political cartoons manage to sum up an often complex idea in one simple panel. When you criticize a character or a real person for being a cartoon, you mean that they are overly simplified or exaggerated: "I hate that show because all the women are cartoon characters." The word comes from the Italian cartone, "strong, heavy paper."

Definitions of cartoon
  1. noun
    a humorous or satirical drawing published in a newspaper or magazine
    synonyms: sketch
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    cartoon strip, comic strip, funnies, strip
    a sequence of drawings telling a story in a newspaper or comic book
    type of:
    humor, humour, wit, witticism, wittiness
    a message whose ingenuity or verbal skill or incongruity has the power to evoke laughter
  2. noun
    a film made by photographing a series of cartoon drawings to give the illusion of movement when projected in rapid sequence
    synonyms: animated cartoon, toon
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    type of:
    short subject
    a brief film; often shown prior to showing the feature
  3. verb
    draw cartoons of
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    type of:
    represent by making a drawing of, as with a pencil, chalk, etc. on a surface
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