The noun carousal describes a rowdy gathering that involves drinking too much alcohol. Carousal is said to be a popular pastime of some rock stars.

Carousal stumbled into English by way of the French word carousser, meaning, "drink, quaff, swill," which in turn traces back to the German gar austrinken, meaning "to drink up entirely." As you might guess, the word carousal involves drinking — lots of it. A verb form, carouse, carries a related meaning — people carouse at a carousal. In other words, they drink a lot at the booze party.

Definitions of carousal
  1. noun
    revelry in drinking; a merry drinking party
    synonyms: bender, booze-up, carouse, toot
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    type of:
    revel, revelry
    unrestrained merrymaking
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