A carol is a religious song that's sung around Christmas time. In some towns, people who celebrate Christmas go to neighbors' houses and sing carols.

The most well-known carols are Christmas carols, but word applies to other religious songs as well. Various hymns and folk songs are sometimes called carols, and you can use the word as a verb to mean "sing a carol." In the 14th century, carol meant "to sing," but also "to dance in a ring," from the Old French carole, "ring dance accompanied by singers," probably from the Greek khoraules, "flute player who accompanies the dance."

Definitions of carol
  1. noun
    a joyful song
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    type of:
    song, strain
    the act of singing
  2. noun
    joyful religious song celebrating the birth of Christ
    synonyms: Christmas carol
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    type of:
    religious song
    religious music for singing
  3. verb
    sing carols
    “They went caroling on Christmas Day”
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    type of:
    deliver by singing
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