Commonly referred to as that "warm fuzzy feeling," caring is the kindness or love you have towards another individual. You can also use caring (as an adjective) to describe a person who acts in this warm and fuzzy way.

There's a reason for the saying "caring is sharing." You and your best buddy might exhibit caring, or affection, by sharing secrets, hugs, and the contents of your lunch boxes. Caring can also be an adjective. Caring nurses, parents, and teachers are great "caregivers" because they dole out warm fuzziness all day long. Well, at least sometimes.

Definitions of caring
  1. adjective
    feeling and exhibiting concern and empathy for others
    caring friends”
    showing or having compassion
  2. noun
    a loving feeling
    synonyms: lovingness
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    warmheartedness, warmth
    a warmhearted feeling
    type of:
    a strong positive emotion of regard and affection
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