Capitalism is an economic system featuring the private ownership of business wealth and the free and unfettered operation of trade markets.

Capital is usually understood to be money that is put into a business, accumulated by a business, or used in some way to produce more money. In a capitalist economy, the capital is owned by private individuals, as opposed to the government or state (as in socialism or communism). Another important aspect of capitalism is the "free market," where in theory natural competition always leads to innovation and price controls.

Definitions of capitalism

n an economic system based on private ownership of capital

capitalist economy
socialism, socialist economy
an economic system based on state ownership of capital
venture capitalism
capitalism that invests in innovative enterprises (especially high technology) where the potential profits are large
Type of:
free enterprise, laissez-faire economy, market economy, private enterprise
an economy that relies chiefly on market forces to allocate goods and resources and to determine prices

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