Definitions of camber
  1. noun
    a slight convexity (as of the surface of a road)
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    type of:
    convex shape, convexity
    a shape that curves or bulges outward
  2. verb
    curve upward in the middle
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    type of:
    arc, arch, curve
    form an arch or curve
  3. noun
    a slope in the turn of a road or track; the outside is higher than the inside in order to reduce the effects of centrifugal force
    synonyms: bank, cant
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    type of:
    incline, side, slope
    an elevated geological formation
  4. noun
    the alignment of the wheels of a motor vehicle closer together at the bottom than at the top
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    type of:
    the act of adjusting or aligning the parts of a device in relation to each other
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