1. comminuted fracture fracture in which the bone is splintered or crushed
  2. decaffeinated coffee coffee with the caffeine removed
  3. covered bridge a bridge whose passageway is protected by a roof and enclosing sides
  4. disseminated sclerosis a chronic progressive nervous disorder involving loss of myelin sheath around certain nerve fibers
  5. fielding average a measure of a fielder's performance
  6. earned run average a measure of a pitcher's effectiveness
  7. law of averages a law affirming that in the long run probabilities will determine performance
  8. petit bourgeois lower middle class (shopkeepers and clerical staff etc.)
  9. coordinated universal time Greenwich Mean Time updated with leap seconds
  10. caffeine addict someone addicted to caffeine
  11. on the average typically
  12. give and take make mutual concessions
  13. commodity brokerage a brokerage firm dealing in commodities
  14. petite bourgeoisie lower middle class (shopkeepers and clerical staff etc.)
  15. corrugated board cardboard with corrugations
  16. iodinated protein a protein that contains iodine
  17. corned beef hash hash made with corned beef
  18. odontoid process a toothlike process at the back of 2nd vertebra of the neck
  19. black-fronted bush shrike a kind of bush shrike
  20. latent diabetes a mild form of diabetes mellitus in which there are no overt symptoms but there are abnormal responses to some diagnostic procedures

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