A cafe is a coffee shop, or a small restaurant where coffee is served. Your neighborhood cafe might be a good place to get a piece of pie and a cup of coffee.

You could stop by a cafe for lunch, or just grab a coffee and a muffin to go. You can also call a cafe a "coffeehouse" or "coffee shop," and while the word is similar to cafeteria — and the two share a root word — a cafeteria tends to be a buffet-style restaurant or dining hall. Cafe comes from the French café, which means both "coffee" and "coffeehouse."

Definitions of cafe

n a small restaurant where drinks and snacks are sold

coffee bar, coffee shop, coffeehouse
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informal British term for a cafe
a cafe whose customers sit at computer terminals and log on to the internet while they eat and drink
espresso shop
a cafe where espresso is served
a small (and usually shabby) cafe selling wine and beer and coffee
pull-in, pull-up
a roadside cafe especially for lorry drivers
Type of:
eatery, eating house, eating place, restaurant
a building where people go to eat

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