1. capsulise enclose in a capsule
  2. capsulize enclose in a capsule
  3. capsular resembling a capsule
  4. capsule a small container
  5. capsulate used of seeds or spores that are enclosed in a capsule
  6. Capsella shepherd's purse
  7. capsize overturn accidentally
  8. capsulated used of seeds or spores that are enclosed in a capsule
  9. chrysalis pupa of a moth or butterfly enclosed in a cocoon
  10. bicapsular divided into two capsules or having a two-part capsule
  11. classless favoring social equality
  12. Crassulaceae succulent shrubs and herbs
  13. Rhipsalis large genus of epiphytic or lithophytic unarmed cacti with usually segmented stems and pendulous branches; flowers are small followed by berrylike fruits
  14. casual without or seeming to be without plan or method; offhand
  15. consular having to do with a consul or his office or duties
  16. baseless without a foundation in reason or fact
  17. cancellous having an open or latticed or porous structure
  18. basileus a ruler of the eastern Roman Empire
  19. capitular of or pertaining to an ecclesiastical chapter
  20. creaseless used especially of fabrics

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