1. cosignatory signing jointly with others
  2. innovator someone who helps to open up a new line of technology or art
  3. innovative being like nothing done or experienced or created before
  4. cultivator a farm implement used to break up the surface of the soil
  5. conservator the curator of a collection, as in a museum or library
  6. renovator a skilled worker who is employed to restore or refinish buildings or antique furniture
  7. snifter a globular glass with a small top; used for serving brandy
  8. signatory one who writes his or her name on and is bound by a document
  9. conservatory a schoolhouse with special facilities for fine arts
  10. confuter a debater who refutes or disproves by offering contrary evidence or argument
  11. cannon fodder soldiers who are regarded as expendable in the face of artillery fire
  12. senator a member of a legislative assembly
  13. Casanova an Italian adventurer who wrote vivid accounts of his sexual encounters (1725-1798)
  14. resonator an electrical circuit that combines capacitance and inductance in such a way that a periodic electric oscillation will reach maximum amplitude
  15. confiture preserved or candied fruit
  16. generator someone who originates, causes, or initiates something
  17. innovate bring something new to an environment
  18. in vitro in an artificial environment outside the living organism
  19. Seleucus I Nicator Macedonian general who accompanied Alexander the Great into Asia; founded a line of kings who reigned in Asia Minor until 65 BC (358-281 BC)
  20. conservatoire a schoolhouse with special facilities for fine arts