A bulldozer is a large truck with a wide blade that can dig and push dirt and debris. You'll often see a bulldozer among the vehicles on a construction site.

Although many people have a tendency to call any giant truck a bulldozer, it's actually a specific kind of tractor with a blade called a "dozer blade" at the front and a big claw, or "ripper" at the back. A bulldozer can run over any rubble or trash and clear it away — this ability led to the slang meaning of the word, "powerful, intimidating person."

Definitions of bulldozer
  1. noun
    large powerful tractor; a large blade in front flattens areas of ground
    synonyms: dozer
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    a bulldozer with an angled moldboard to push earth to one side
    type of:
    a wheeled vehicle with large wheels; used in farming and other applications
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