1. abstract existing only in the mind
  2. Trachinotus a genus of Carangidae
  3. Tetragonia expansa coarse sprawling Australasian plant with red or yellow flowers; cultivated for its edible young shoots and succulent leaves
  4. strikingness the state of being salient
  5. Tetraclinis sandarac tree
  6. intriguing capable of arousing interest or curiosity
  7. backpacking tent a tent that can be carried in a backpack
  8. parking space a space where an automobile can be parked
  9. training table planned meals for athletes in training
  10. breaking ball a pitch of a baseball that is thrown with spin so that its path curves as it approaches the batter
  11. tracking the pursuit by following tracks or marks they left behind
  12. barking deer small Asian deer with small antlers and a cry like a bark
  13. metalworking vise a vise with two parallel iron jaws and a wide opening below
  14. trucking rig a truck consisting of a tractor and trailer together
  15. barracking shouting to interrupt a speech with which you disagree
  16. Tetragonurus a genus of Stromateidae
  17. bathing tub a relatively large open container that you fill with water and use to wash the body
  18. woodworking vise a vise with jaws that are padded in order to hold lumber without denting it
  19. water chinquapin water lily of eastern North America having pale yellow blossoms and edible globular nutlike seeds
  20. parking ticket a ticket issued for parking in a restricted place