Brutality is extreme cruelty, deliberate violent meanness. Avoid being the giver or receiver of brutality if you wish to remain a happy human.

Brutality comes from brutal (savage, fierce), plus -ity which makes it a noun. It’s the state of being a brute. Many criminals — especially murderers, rapists, and abusers — are guilty of brutality. Police brutality is what happens when the cops use extreme unnecessary force. Brutality is a strong word — just slapping someone isn't quite brutality. Brutality is more like beating a person with a tire iron. Brutality is also the name of a death metal band from Florida.

Definitions of brutality
  1. noun
    the trait of extreme cruelty
    synonyms: ferociousness, savagery, viciousness
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    type of:
    cruelness, cruelty, harshness
    the quality of being cruel and causing tension or annoyance
  2. noun
    a brutal barbarous savage act
    synonyms: barbarism, barbarity, savagery
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    type of:
    atrocity, inhumanity
    an act of atrocious cruelty
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