An organization wishing to advertise its products or services will often create a brochure, a small booklet or folded paper giving brief details about what it's selling. It usually includes illustrations and is made to be eye-catching and easily read.

Small booklets or pamphlets used to be stitched together, and from that stitching we get the word brochure, which comes from the French verb brocher, "to stitch," and thus means literally "a stitched work." The word enters English in the mid-18th century. Today brochures of many pages are usually stapled. A common style of brochure is a single sheet, often folded in thirds to make it the right size to fit inside an envelope.

Definitions of brochure

n a small book usually having a paper cover

booklet, folder, leaflet, pamphlet
blue book
a blue booklet used in universities for writing examinations
ticket book
a book of tickets that can be torn out and used
Type of:
a written work or composition that has been published (printed on pages bound together)

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