The brink of something is the very edge of it. If you want to give your mom a good scare, stand on the brink of a steep cliff and slowly lean forward.

The noun brink describes the edge of a steep drop-off or slope, or the edge of a boundary marking where something begins, like the brink of a pond. Brink also describes the figurative edge or start of something. Nations on the brink of war are very close to mobilizing troops; if you are on the brink of losing your temper, you might try walking away or slowly counting to ten.

Definitions of brink

n the edge of a steep place

Type of:
border, edge
the boundary of a surface

n the limit beyond which something happens or changes

“on the brink of bankruptcy”
Type of:
bound, boundary, limit
the greatest possible degree of something

n a region marking a boundary

threshold, verge
Type of:
bound, boundary, edge
a line determining the limits of an area

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