1. brass ring a rich opportunity or a prize
  2. reassuring restoring confidence and relieving anxiety
  3. prize ring a square ring where boxers fight
  4. braising cooking slowly in fat in a closed pot with little moisture
  5. prospering very lively and profitable
  6. brace wrench a wrench shaped like a brace and a socket head
  7. trousering any fabric used to make trousers
  8. bracing refreshing or invigorating
  9. drawstring a tie consisting of a cord that goes through a seam around an opening
  10. persevering quietly and steadily persevering especially in detail or exactness
  11. brasserie a small restaurant serving beer and wine as well as food
  12. assuring giving confidence
  13. unreassuring not reassuring; tending to cause anxiety
  14. brass monkey a metal stand that formerly held cannon balls on sailing ships
  15. press run the period that presses run to produce an issue of a newspaper
  16. bearing characteristic way of holding one's body
  17. rassling the sport of hand-to-hand struggle between unarmed contestants who try to throw each other down
  18. plastering the application of plaster
  19. forswearing the act of renouncing
  20. bedspring one of the springs holding up the mattress of a bed