Other forms: bowers; bowered; bowering

A natural or human-made arch that supports climbing plants is a bower. For next year's holiday card, you should use that photo of your dog sitting under the bower of flowering roses.

Some bowers are deliberately constructed to give vines and other climbing greenery a place to grow, often framing a garden entryway. You can also use this word for a shady spot under a curve of trees: "We always stop for a picnic at the bower of dogwood trees beside the lake." The Old English source is bur, "room or dwelling." Bower is less commonly used as a verb: "I love the way those trellises bower your patio."

Definitions of bower
  1. noun
    a framework that supports climbing plants
    synonyms: arbor, arbour, pergola
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    grape arbor, grape arbour
    an arbor where grapes are grown
    type of:
    a structure supporting or containing something
  2. verb
    enclose in a bower
    synonyms: embower
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    type of:
    close in, enclose, inclose, shut in
    surround completely
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