If you spot an animal in the woods that's about twice as big as your pet tabby, with spots like a leopard and a very short tail, it's probably a bobcat!

Bobcats, a type of lynx, live all across North America, from Canada to Mexico. They prefer wooded areas, although they're also found in the mountains, in deserts, and even in the swamps of Florida. Bobcats, named for their short "bobbed" tails, prey on rabbits, chickens and other birds, rodents of various types, and even deer. Unlike their relatives, Canadian lynx, bobcats don't move easily through snow, but they're tough and adaptable enough to thrive in the north anyway.

Definitions of bobcat
  1. noun
    small lynx of North America
    synonyms: Lynx rufus, bay lynx
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    type of:
    catamount, lynx
    short-tailed wildcats with usually tufted ears; valued for their fur
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