1. blue runner fish of western Atlantic: Cape Cod to Brazil
  2. base runner a baseball player on the team at bat who is on base
  3. blue racer bluish-green blacksnake found from Ohio to Texas
  4. bludgeoner an assailant who uses a bludgeon
  5. learner someone who learns or takes up knowledge or beliefs
  6. burner an apparatus for burning fuel (or refuse)
  7. Lerner United States lyricist who collaborated on musicals with Frederick Loewe (1918-1986)
  8. blurriness the quality of being indistinct and without sharp outlines
  9. blockade-runner a ship that runs through or around a naval blockade
  10. planner a person who makes plans
  11. forerunner something that precedes something or someone
  12. Bull Run a creek in northeastern Virginia where two battles were fought in the American Civil War
  13. pruner a worker who thins out and trims trees and shrubs
  14. blueprint something intended as a guide for making something else
  15. bluebonnet low-growing annual herb of southwestern United States (Texas) having silky foliage and blue flowers; a leading cause of livestock poisoning in the southwestern United States
  16. race runner very swift lizard of eastern and central United States
  17. blaring unpleasantly loud and penetrating
  18. Paul Vernier French mathematician who described the vernier scale
  19. racerunner very swift lizard of eastern and central United States
  20. rumrunner someone who illegally smuggles liquor across a border