1. blue mold fungus fungus causing a serious disease in tobacco plants characterized by bluish-grey mildew on undersides of leaves
  2. bottom rot fungus fungus causing bottom rot in lettuce
  3. clubroot fungus a fungus resembling slime mold that causes swellings or distortions of the roots of cabbages and related plants
  4. felt fungus fungus that frequently encircles twigs and branches of various trees especially citrus trees in southern United States
  5. bracket fungus a woody fungus that forms shelflike sporophores on tree trunks and wood structures
  6. blue toadflax North American plant having racemes of blue-violet flowers
  7. potato fungus fungus causing a disease in potatoes characterized by black scurfy spots on the tubers
  8. smut fungus any fungus of the order Ustilaginales
  9. yellow spot fungus fungus causing yellow spot
  10. blamelessness a state of innocence
  11. black root rot fungus fungus causing black root rot in apples
  12. flag smut fungus a smut fungus causing a smut in cereals and other grasses that chiefly affects leaves and stems and is characterized chains of sori within the plant tissue that later rupture releasing black masses of spores
  13. shelf fungus a woody fungus that forms shelflike sporophores on tree trunks and wood structures
  14. jelly fungus any fungus of the order Tremellales or Auriculariales whose fruiting body is jellylike in consistency when fresh
  15. potato wart fungus fungus causing potato wart disease in potato tubers
  16. club fungus a club-shaped coral fungus
  17. leak fungus fungus causing soft watery rot in fruits and vegetables and rings of dry rot around roots of sweet potatoes
  18. bluetongue a viral disease of sheep and cattle that is transmitted by biting midges
  19. beefsteak fungus a popular edible fungus with a cap the color of liver or raw meat; abundant in southeastern United States
  20. Dutch elm fungus fungus causing Dutch elm disease