1. blue marlin largest marlin
  2. black marlin large game fish in the Pacific Ocean; may reach 1000 pounds
  3. plumb line a cord from which a metal weight is suspended pointing directly to the earth's center of gravity; used to determine the vertical from a given point
  4. Plumeria alba tall sparingly branched conical tree having large fragrant yellow flowers with white centers
  5. white marlin small marlin (to 180 pounds) of western Atlantic
  6. blue murder an extravagantly loud outcry
  7. blue moon a long time
  8. blue-green of a bluish shade of green
  9. blue curls any of several plants of the genus Trichostema having whorls of small blue flowers
  10. blue green a blue-green color or pigment
  11. marlin large long-jawed oceanic sport fishes
  12. berlin a limousine with a glass partition between the front and back seats
  13. bull market a market characterized by rising prices for securities
  14. Berlin capital of Germany located in eastern Germany
  15. bell morel a morel whose fertile portion resembles a bell and is attached to the stipe only at the top
  16. balmoral a sturdy laced walking shoe
  17. Paleo-American a member of the Paleo-American peoples who were the earliest human inhabitants of North America and South America during the late Pleistocene epoch
  18. bulimarexia a disorder of eating in which the person alternates between strong craving for food and aversion to food; characterized by excessive eating followed by periods of fasting or self-induced vomiting
  19. blue ribbon an honor or award gained for excellence
  20. blue-ribbon selected or chosen for special qualifications