1. blue devil a coarse prickly European weed with spikes of blue flowers
  2. blue devils a state of depression
  3. bedevil be confusing or perplexing to
  4. boll weevil greyish weevil that lays its eggs in cotton bolls destroying the cotton
  5. plateful the quantity contained in a plate
  6. poor devil someone you feel sorry for
  7. black weevil brown weevil that infests stored grain especially rice
  8. blue peafowl peafowl of India and Ceylon
  9. blunt file a file with parallel edges
  10. blood lily any of various deciduous or evergreen herbs of the genus Haemanthus; South Africa and Namibia
  11. blushful of blush color
  12. daredevil a person who enjoys recklessly dangerous activities
  13. blood-filled containing blood
  14. she-devil a cruel woman
  15. the devil something difficult or awkward to do or deal with
  16. bluebell one of the most handsome prairie wildflowers having large erect bell-shaped bluish flowers; of moist places in prairies and fields from eastern Colorado and Nebraska south to New Mexico and Texas
  17. prideful having or showing arrogant superiority
  18. bloodleaf any plant of the genus Iresine having colored foliage
  19. Leopoldville the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo on the Congo river opposite Brazzaville
  20. bluffly in a blunt direct manner