1. blue crab bluish edible crab of Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of North America
  2. blue-gray of grey tinged with blue
  3. blue grass any of various grasses of the genus Poa
  4. blue chip a blue poker chip with the highest value
  5. blue grama a pasture grass of western North America
  6. bluegrass any of various grasses of the genus Poa
  7. blue-chip extremely valuable
  8. blurb a promotional statement, as on the dust jacket of a books
  9. blue-grey of grey tinged with blue
  10. Bluegrass an area in central Kentucky noted for it bluegrass and thoroughbred horses
  11. blue-green of a bluish shade of green
  12. blue green a blue-green color or pigment
  13. Polycarp Greek bishop of Smyrna who refused to recant his Christian faith and was burned to death by pagans (circa 69-155)
  14. play group a small informal nursery group meeting for half-day sessions
  15. black rat common household pest originally from Asia that has spread worldwide
  16. blackcap chickadee having a dark crown
  17. pea crab tiny soft-bodied crab living commensally in the mantles of certain bivalve mollusks
  18. blucher a high shoe with laces over the tongue
  19. blue curls any of several plants of the genus Trichostema having whorls of small blue flowers
  20. billy club a short stout club used primarily by policemen