1. blue cardinal flower tall erect and very leafy perennial herb of eastern North America having dense spikes of blue flowers
  2. cardinal flower North American lobelia having brilliant red flowers
  3. pulchritudinous having great physical beauty
  4. clustered bellflower bellflower of Europe to temperate Asia having dense spikes of violet-blue to white flowers
  5. cardinal number the number of elements in a mathematical set
  6. carrion flower any of various plants of the genus Stapelia having succulent leafless toothed stems resembling cacti and large foul-smelling (often star-shaped) flowers
  7. Siberian wall flower showy erect biennial or short-lived perennial cultivated for its terminal racemes of orange-yellow flowers; sometimes placed in genus Cheiranthus
  8. western wall flower biennial or short-lived perennial prairie rocket having orange-yellow flowers; western North America to Minnesota and Kansas; sometimes placed in genus Cheiranthus
  9. acute renal failure renal failure associated with burns or other trauma or with acute infection or obstruction of the urinary tract
  10. butterfly flower shrub or small tree of Dutch Guiana having clusters of pink flowers streaked with purple
  11. paradise flower tropical shrub or small tree having showy yellow to orange-red flowers; sometimes placed in genus Poinciana
  12. garland flower widely cultivated low evergreen shrub with dense clusters of fragrant pink to deep rose flowers
  13. blanket flower annual of central United States having showy long-stalked yellow flower heads marked with scarlet or purple in the center
  14. cornflower plant of southern and southeastern United States grown for its yellow flowers that can be dried
  15. blood flower tropical herb having orange-red flowers followed by pods suggesting a swallow with outspread wings; a weed throughout the tropics
  16. cardinalfish small red fishes of coral reefs and inshore tropical waters
  17. intestinal flora harmless microorganisms (as Escherichia coli) that inhabit the intestinal tract and are essential for its normal functioning
  18. blue-green algae predominantly photosynthetic prokaryotic organisms containing a blue pigment in addition to chlorophyll; occur singly or in colonies in diverse habitats; important as phytoplankton
  19. pincushion flower Old World annual having fragrant purple to deep crimson flower heads; naturalized in United States
  20. cardinal virtue one of the seven preeminent virtues

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