A blouse is a shirt usually worn by a woman. Your grandmother's favorite silk blouse might have pearl buttons down the front.

A dressy item of clothing worn on the top of the body, mainly by girls or women, is sometimes called a blouse. Some military and historical garments are also blouses, and you can use the word as a verb meaning "to puff out or hang in folds," the way many blouses do. In French the word means "workman or peasant's shirt," but beyond that its origin is mysterious.

Definitions of blouse
  1. noun
    a top worn by women
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    a loose high-necked blouse with long sleeves; styled after the red flannel shirts worn by Garibaldi's soldiers
    a short blouse with sleeves that is worn under a jumper or pinafore dress
    middy, middy blouse
    blouse with a sailor collar
    shirtwaist, shirtwaister
    a blouse with buttons down the front
    type of:
    a garment (especially for women) that extends from the shoulders to the waist or hips
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