Doing something bitterly means doing it in an angry, resentful way. If you argue bitterly with your best friend, you're both expressing hurt feelings and hostility — it may take a while to mend your friendship.

When people speak bitterly to each other, there are a lot of heated emotions involved. If you are bitterly opposed to the dress code at your school, you're truly angry about not being allowed to wear your favorite T-shirt. Bitterly also means "harshly or bitingly," as when the wind blows bitterly in your face as you walk along the beach in February. This adverb shares a root with bite.

Definitions of bitterly
  1. adverb
    extremely and sharply
    “it was bitterly cold”
    synonyms: bitingly, bitter, piercingly
  2. adverb
    with bitterness, in a resentful manner
    “she complained bitterly
  3. adverb
    indicating something hard to accept
    “he was bitterly disappointed”
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