Definitions of bisexual
  1. adjective
    sexually attracted to more than one gender
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    sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex
    sexually attracted to members of your own sex
    not homosexual
    gay, homophile, queer
    homosexual or arousing homosexual desires
    of or concerning homosexual love
    lesbian, sapphic
    of or relating to or characterized by homosexual relations between woman
    paederastic, pederastic
    of homosexuality between a man and a boy
    transgender, transgendered
    involving a partial or full reversal of gender
    overwhelmingly desirous of being, or completely identifying with, the opposite sex
    transvestic, transvestite
    receiving sexual gratification from wearing clothing of the opposite sex
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  2. adjective
    having an ambiguous sexual identity
    synonyms: epicene
    having both male and female characteristics
  3. noun
    a person who is attracted to more than one gender
    synonyms: bisexual person
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    androgyne, epicene, epicene person, gynandromorph, hermaphrodite, intersex
    one having both male and female sexual characteristics and organs; at birth an unambiguous assignment of male or female cannot be made
    someone having external genitalia of one sex and internal sex organs of the other sex; not a true hermaphrodite because there is no ambiguity in the sex of the external genitalia and hence no question about gender at birth
    type of:
    a person who enjoys sensuality
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