1. bird of paradise any of numerous brilliantly colored plumed birds of the New Guinea area
  2. pride of barbados tropical shrub or small tree having showy yellow to orange-red flowers; sometimes placed in genus Poinciana
  3. grains of paradise West African plant bearing pungent peppery seeds
  4. bird of prey any of numerous carnivorous birds that hunt and kill other animals
  5. bird of passage any bird that migrates seasonally
  6. Band of Partisans an extremist Palestinian Sunni group active in Lebanon in the early 1990s that advocates Salafism; responsible for murders and bombings; seeks to overthrow the Lebanese government and control Palestinian refugee camps; funded by al-Qaeda
  7. board of trustees a governing board elected or appointed to direct the policies of an educational institution
  8. board of appeals a board of officials that are not judicial but are appointed to hear appeals
  9. pride of place the first or highest or most important or most ostentatious place
  10. Citrus paradisi citrus tree bearing large round edible fruit having a thick yellow rind and juicy somewhat acid pulp
  11. breathing apparatus a device that facilitates breathing in cases of respiratory failure
  12. pervaporate evaporate through a semipermeable membrane
  13. breadfruit native to Pacific islands and having edible fruit with a texture like bread
  14. right of privacy a legal right to be left alone
  15. beast of burden an animal such as a donkey or ox or elephant used for transporting loads or doing other heavy work
  16. Bradford United States printer (born in England) whose press produced the first American prayer book and the New York City's first newspaper (1663-1752)
  17. bird fancier a person with a strong interest in birds
  18. preoperative happening or done before and in preparation for a surgical operation
  19. party-spirited devoted to a political party
  20. Board of Trade unit a unit of energy equal to the work done by a power of 1000 watts operating for one hour

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