Beta is the second letter of the Greek alaphabet. It also refers to a preliminary model of software or hardware that's not a finished project.

There are two related meanings of beta: the first is the second letter of the Greek alphabet. The second refers to things that are secondary in a different way: the beta version of software or hardware is a version that isn't quite ready for prime time. The beta model is a testing version. Often a company will let some people use the beta version to see if there are problems which can be fixed before the final version comes out.

Definitions of beta
  1. noun
    the 2nd letter of the Greek alphabet
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    type of:
    alphabetic character, letter, letter of the alphabet
    the conventional characters of the alphabet used to represent speech
  2. adjective
    second in order of importance
    “the candidate, considered a beta male, was perceived to be unable to lead his party to victory”
    important, of import
    of great significance or value
  3. adjective
    preliminary or testing stage of a software or hardware product
    “a beta version”
    beta software”
    explorative, exploratory
    serving in or intended for exploration or discovery
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