Belligerence is a natural disposition to be hostile or aggressive, or a warlike attitude. The belligerence of Roman gladiators made them excel in battle and instilled fear in their opponents.

Belligerence in people is characterized by a tendency to pick fights or be aggressive toward others. It can be something in your nature, if you're, say, a bully, or it can be an attitude you summon in the heat of battle, as when you're going up against a rival sports team. One thing's for sure, though, there is nothing peaceful about belligerence, which, when displayed by armies or countries, can lead to devastating wars.

Definitions of belligerence

n hostile or warlike attitude or nature

hostile or belligerent mood
Type of:
enmity, hostility, ill will
the feeling of a hostile person

n a natural disposition to be hostile

aggressiveness, pugnacity
bellicoseness, bellicosity
a natural disposition to fight
truculence, truculency
obstreperous and defiant aggressiveness
Type of:
an ill-tempered and offensive disposition

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