bed clothing

/bɛd ˌkloʊðɪŋ/

Definitions of bed clothing
  1. noun
    coverings that are used on a bed
    synonyms: bedclothes, bedding
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    bedding rolled up for carrying
    bed cover, bed covering, bedcover, bedspread, counterpane, spread
    decorative cover for a bed
    blanket, cover
    bedding that keeps a person warm in bed
    mattress cover
    bedclothes that provide a cover for a mattress
    comfort, comforter, puff, quilt
    bedding made of two layers of cloth filled with stuffing and stitched together
    bedclothes consisting of a lightweight cloth covering (an afghan or bedspread) that is casually thrown over something
    a blanket knitted or crocheted in strips or squares; sometimes used as a shawl
    a decorative bedspread (usually quilted)
    continental quilt, duvet, eiderdown
    a soft quilt usually filled with the down of the eider
    electric blanket
    a blanket containing and electric heating element that can be controlled to the desired temperature by a rheostat
    Mackinaw blanket, mackinaw
    a thick plaid blanket formerly used in the northwestern United States
    a blanket that is used as a cloak or shawl
    patchwork, patchwork quilt
    a quilt made by sewing patches of different materials together
    quilted bedspread
    a bedspread constructed like a thin quilt
    security blanket
    a blanket (or toy) that a child carries around in order to reduce anxiety
    type of:
    cloth covering
    a covering made of cloth
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