1. beautiful pleasing to the senses
  2. Bette Davis United States film actress (1908-1989)
  3. putative purported
  4. advice a proposal for an appropriate course of action
  5. input device a device that can be used to insert data into a computer or other computational device
  6. advise give advice to
  7. post office a local branch where postal services are available"
  8. Post Office an independent agency of the federal government responsible for mail delivery (and sometimes telecommunications) between individuals and businesses in the United States
  9. potato vine vine of Costa Rica sparsely armed with hooklike spines and having large lilac-blue flowers
  10. safety device a device designed to prevent injury or accidents
  11. Patent Office the government bureau in the Department of Commerce that keeps a record of patents and trademarks and grants new ones
  12. output device electronic or electromechanical equipment connected to a computer and used to transfer data out of the computer in the form of text, images, sounds, or other media
  13. tentative hesitant or lacking confidence; unsettled in mind or opinion
  14. potato race a novelty race in which competitors move potatoes from one place to another one at a time
  15. boldface a typeface with thick heavy lines
  16. bold face a typeface with thick heavy lines
  17. protoavis most primitive avian type known
  18. peace advocacy any policy that advocates maintaining peaceful international relations
  19. breathing device a device that facilitates breathing in cases of respiratory failure
  20. Beatrice the woman who guided Dante through Paradise in the Divine Comedy