Definitions of bathing

n the act of washing yourself (or another person)

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shower, shower bath
washing yourself by standing upright under water sprayed from a nozzle
you soak and wash your body in a bathtub
sponge bath
you wash your body with a sponge or washcloth instead of in a bathtub
Turkish bath, steam bath, vapor bath, vapour bath
you sweat in a steam room before getting a rubdown and cold shower
bubble bath
a bath in which you add something to foam and scent the bath water
(Hebrew) a ritual purification and cleansing bath that Orthodox Jews take on certain occasions (as before Sabbath or after menstruation)
mud bath
a bath in warm mud (as for treating rheumatism)
Type of:
cleaning, cleansing, cleanup
the act of making something clean
lavation, wash, washing
the work of cleansing (usually with soap and water)

n immersing the body in water or sunshine

sea bathing
bathing in the sea or ocean
sun bathing
immersing the body in sunlight
Type of:
diversion, recreation
an activity that diverts or amuses or stimulates

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