A bat is used in the sports of baseball and cricket to hit a small, hard ball. In baseball, a bat can be made out of wood or aluminum.

Bat can be a verb as well: when you're up at bat in a baseball game, it means it's your turn to bat with the bat. There is also an animal called a bat, a small, nocturnal bird-like mammal. People can be said to "bat their eyelashes," or flutter them flirtatiously, as well. This last meaning, from the mid-1800s, comes from an earlier sense of bat, "flutter like a hawk's wings."

Definitions of bat
  1. noun
    a club used for hitting a ball in various games
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    baseball bat, lumber
    an implement used in baseball by the batter
    small wooden bat with a flat surface; used for hitting balls in various games
    pingpong paddle, table-tennis bat, table-tennis racquet
    paddle used to play table tennis
    type of:
    stout stick that is larger at one end
  2. noun
    the club used in playing cricket
    “a cricket bat has a narrow handle and a broad flat end for hitting”
    synonyms: cricket bat
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    type of:
    cricket equipment
    sports equipment used in playing cricket
  3. noun
    a small racket with a long handle used for playing squash
    synonyms: squash racket, squash racquet
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    type of:
    racket, racquet
    a sports implement (usually consisting of a handle and an oval frame with a tightly interlaced network of strings) used to strike a ball (or shuttlecock) in various games
  4. noun
    (baseball) a turn trying to get a hit
    “he was at bat when it happened”
    “he got four hits in four at- bats
    synonyms: at-bat
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    type of:
    play, turn
    (game) the activity of doing something in an agreed succession
  5. verb
    use a bat
    “Who's batting?”
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    type of:
    deal a blow to, either with the hand or with an instrument
  6. verb
    strike with, or as if with a baseball bat
    bat the ball”
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    bat right-handed against a left-handed and left-handed against a right-handed pitcher
    type of:
    deal a blow to, either with the hand or with an instrument
  7. verb
    have a turn at bat
    “Jones bats first, followed by Martinez”
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    type of:
    deal a blow to, either with the hand or with an instrument
  8. noun
    nocturnal mouselike mammal with forelimbs modified to form membranous wings and anatomical adaptations for echolocation by which they navigate
    synonyms: chiropteran
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    fruit bat, megabat
    large Old World bat of warm and tropical regions that feeds on fruit
    carnivorous bat, microbat
    typically having large ears and feeding primarily on insects; worldwide in distribution
    flying fox
    large bat with a head that resembles the head of a fox
    Pteropus capestratus
    a variety of fruit bat
    Pteropus hypomelanus
    a variety of fruit bat
    harpy, harpy bat, tube-nosed bat, tube-nosed fruit bat
    any of various fruit bats of the genus Nyctimene distinguished by nostrils drawn out into diverging tubes
    Cynopterus sphinx
    a variety of fruit eating bat
    mouse-eared bat
    a carnivorous bat with ears like a mouse
    leaf-nosed bat, leafnose bat
    bat having a leaflike flap at the end of the nose; especially of the families Phyllostomatidae and Rhinolophidae and Hipposideridae
    vespertilian bat, vespertilionid
    a variety of carnivorous bat
    brown bat
    any of numerous medium to small insectivorous bats found worldwide in caves and trees and buildings
    free-tailed bat, freetail, freetailed bat
    small swift insectivorous bat with leathery ears and a long tail; common in warm regions
    mastiff bat
    a soft-furred chocolate-brown bat with folded ears and small wings; often runs along the ground
    true vampire bat, vampire bat
    any of various tropical American bats of the family Desmodontidae that bite mammals and birds to feed on their blood
    type of:
    eutherian, eutherian mammal, placental, placental mammal
    mammals having a placenta; all mammals except monotremes and marsupials
  9. verb
    wink briefly
    bat one's eyelids”
    synonyms: flutter
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    type of:
    blink, nictate, nictitate, wink
    briefly shut the eyes
  10. verb
    beat thoroughly and conclusively in a competition or fight
    synonyms: annihilate, clobber, cream, drub, lick, thrash
    flail, lam, thrash, thresh
    give a thrashing to; beat hard
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    type of:
    beat, beat out, crush, shell, trounce, vanquish
    come out better in a competition, race, or conflict
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