Definitions of badly
  1. adverb
    to a severe or serious degree
    badly injured”
    synonyms: gravely, seriously, severely
  2. adverb
    with great intensity (`bad' is a nonstandard variant for `badly')
    “the injury hurt badly
    “the buildings were badly shaken”
    synonyms: bad
  3. adverb
    very much; strongly
    “I wanted it badly enough to work hard for it”
    “the cables had sagged badly
    “they were badly in need of help”
    synonyms: bad
  4. adverb
    in a disadvantageous way; to someone's disadvantage
    “the venture turned out badly for the investors”
    synonyms: disadvantageously
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    advantageously, well
    in a manner affording benefit or advantage
  5. adverb
    (`ill' is often used as a combining form) in a poor or improper or unsatisfactory manner; not well
    “the car runs badly
    “he performed badly on the exam”
    synonyms: ill, poorly
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    good, well
    (often used as a combining form) in a good or proper or satisfactory manner or to a high standard (`good' is a nonstandard dialectal variant for `well')
  6. adverb
    without skill or in a displeasing manner
    “she writes badly
    “I think he paints very badly
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    with skill or in a pleasing manner
  7. adverb
    in a disobedient or naughty way
    “he behaved badly in school”
    synonyms: mischievously, naughtily
  8. adverb
    evilly or wickedly
    “treated his parents badly
    “to steal is to act badly
  9. adverb
    unfavorably or with disapproval
    “thought badly of him for his lack of concern”
    synonyms: ill
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    favorably; with approval
  10. adverb
    with unusual distress or resentment or regret or emotional display
    “they took their defeat badly
    “took her father's death badly
    “conducted himself very badly at the time of the earthquake”
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    without unusual distress or resentment; with good humor
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