1. scholarship profound learned knowledge
  2. Bible-worship the worship of the Bible
  3. bachelor a man who has never been married
  4. butcher shop a shop in which meat and poultry are sold
  5. bachelorhood the state of being an unmarried man
  6. bachelorette a young unmarried woman who lives alone
  7. teachership the position of teacher
  8. miracle-worship the worship of miracles
  9. dictatorship a form of government in which the ruler is unconstrained
  10. place-worship the worship of places
  11. barbershop a shop where men can get their hair cut
  12. praetorship the office of praetor
  13. fish-worship the worship of fish
  14. school ship a ship used to train students as sailors
  15. pastorship the position of pastor
  16. bachelor girl a young unmarried woman who lives alone
  17. proctorship the position of proctor
  18. rectorship the office or station of a rector
  19. legislatorship the office of legislator
  20. poker chip a small disk-shaped counter used to represent money when gambling

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