An avenue is a street, especially a wide one lined with trees. An avenue is also any approach to doing something. For example, this web site might be a new avenue you have found for learning words.

The word avenue comes from the French avenir, meaning "to come to, or arrive." The first meaning is simply a wide street. An avenue — or boulevard — is likely to be busy, unlike a quiet side street. The abbreviation is ave., as in Park Ave. Also, an avenue is a way to accomplish something. If you need money but can't get a loan, you'll have to find another avenue.

Primary Meanings of avenue

a wide street or thoroughfare
a line of approach
Full Definitions of avenue

n a wide street or thoroughfare

Fifth Avenue
an avenue in Manhattan that separates the east side of Manhattan from the west side
Seventh Avenue
an avenue in Manhattan that runs north and south
Type of:
a thoroughfare (usually including sidewalks) that is lined with buildings

n a line of approach

“they explored every avenue they could think of”
“it promises to open new avenues to understanding”
Type of:
approach, attack, plan of attack
ideas or actions intended to deal with a problem or situation

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