An avenue is a street, especially a wide one lined with trees. An avenue is also any approach to doing something. For example, this web site might be a new avenue you have found for learning words.

The word avenue comes from the French avenir, meaning "to come to, or arrive." The first meaning is simply a wide street. An avenue — or boulevard — is likely to be busy, unlike a quiet side street. The abbreviation is ave., as in Park Ave. Also, an avenue is a way to accomplish something. If you need money but can't get a loan, you'll have to find another avenue.

Definitions of avenue
  1. noun
    a wide street or thoroughfare
    synonyms: boulevard
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    Fifth Avenue
    an avenue in Manhattan that separates the east side of Manhattan from the west side
    Seventh Avenue
    an avenue in Manhattan that runs north and south
    type of:
    a thoroughfare (usually including sidewalks) that is lined with buildings
  2. noun
    a line of approach
    “they explored every avenue they could think of”
    “it promises to open new avenues to understanding”
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    type of:
    approach, attack, plan of attack
    ideas or actions intended to deal with a problem or situation
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