1. autonomy political independence
  2. outcropping part of a rock formation that juts above surrounding land
  3. shopping searching for or buying goods or services
  4. autoloading capable of automatic loading and firing continuously
  5. reddish-pink of a pink color that is close to red
  6. yellowish pink a shade of pink tinged with yellow
  7. out of keeping not in keeping with what is correct or proper
  8. whopping (used informally) very large
  9. shipping the commercial enterprise of moving goods and materials
  10. stopping fastener consisting of a narrow strip of welded metal used to join steel members
  11. auto racing the sport of racing automobiles
  12. stooping having the back and shoulders rounded; not erect
  13. topping a flavorful addition on top of a dish
  14. autochthonic originating where it is found
  15. strapping muscular and heavily built
  16. stripping the removal of covering
  17. autosexing (especially of domestic fowl) breeding to reveal differential sex characteristics at hatching
  18. whole shebang everything available; usually preceded by `the'
  19. tripping moving easily and quickly; nimble
  20. eye-popping amazingly impressive

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