Speak with an authoritative tone, or no one will listen to you. Why would they, if you sound like you don't even believe in yourself? Authoritative means sure or definitive.

When writing a paper, it can be useful to quote from an authoritative source, such as the encyclopedia, but you must also do enough research that you are fluent in your subject and can speak with the authoritative voice only true immersion can produce.

Definitions of authoritative
  1. adjective
    of recognized authority or excellence
    synonyms: classic, classical, definitive
    established or well-known or widely recognized as a model of authority or excellence
  2. adjective
    sanctioned by established authority
    “an authoritative communique”
    synonyms: authorised, authorized
    having official authority or sanction
  3. adjective
    having authority or ascendancy or influence
    “the captain's authoritative manner”
    synonyms: important
    having or exercising influence or power
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