1. augment enlarge or increase
  2. imminent close in time; about to occur
  3. amend make revisions to
  4. ament a cylindrical spikelike inflorescence
  5. jument an animal such as a donkey or ox or elephant used for transporting loads or doing other heavy work
  6. amenity something that provides value, pleasure, or convenience
  7. lament a cry of sorrow and grief
  8. amount how much there is of something that you can quantify
  9. memento a reminder of past events
  10. emend make corrections to
  11. element a substance that cannot be separated into simpler substances
  12. pimento plant bearing large mild thick-walled usually bell-shaped fruits; the principal salad peppers
  13. eminent standing above others in quality or position
  14. ailment an often persistent bodily disorder or disease
  15. jumentous smelling strongly like a beast of burden
  16. amends something done or paid to make up for a wrong
  17. argument a dispute where there is strong disagreement
  18. aliment a source of materials to nourish the body
  19. Emmanthe one species: yellow bells
  20. foment try to stir up