Astonishment is what you feel when you're extremely surprised. If a cat stood up and recited the Preamble to the Constitution, you’d stare in astonishment.

Astonishment is the feeling of being blown away and shocked by something. It’s the noun form of astonish, which is a verb meaning, basically “to have your mind blown.” A professional magician aims to create astonishment. A basketball player who hits every three-point shot might make fans feel astonishment. Many people feel astonishment when looking at something like the Grand Canyon. This is a strong word that shouldn't refer to minor surprises. True astonishment is rare.

Definitions of astonishment

n the feeling that accompanies something extremely surprising

“he looked at me in astonishment
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admiration, wonder, wonderment
the feeling aroused by something strange and surprising
the astonishment you feel when something totally unexpected happens to you
a feeling of stupefied astonishment
an overwhelming feeling of wonder or admiration
daze, shock, stupor
the feeling of distress and disbelief that you have when something bad happens accidentally
Type of:
the experiencing of affective and emotional states

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