asterid dicot genus

Definitions of asterid dicot genus
  1. noun
    genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous herbs and some trees and shrubs
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    genus Achillea
    perennial often aromatic and sometimes mat-forming herbs of north temperate regions: yarrow; milfoil
    Acroclinium, genus Acroclinium
    genus of herbs and shrubs of Australia and South Africa: everlasting flower; most species usually placed in genus Helipterum
    Ageratina, genus Ageratina
    annual to perennial herbs or shrubs of eastern United States and Central and South America
    genus Ageratum
    genus of tropical American herbs grown for their flowers
    Amberboa, genus Amberboa
    herbs of Mediterranean to central Asia cultivated for their flowers
    genus Ambrosia
    comprising the ragweeds; in some classification considered the type genus of a separate family Ambrosiaceae
    genus Ammobium
    small genus of Australian herbs grown for their flowers
    Anacyclus, genus Anacyclus
    a Spanish pellitory
    Anaphalis, genus Anaphalis
    a genus of herbs of north temperate regions having hoary leaves: pearly everlasting
    genus Andryala
    a genus of hardy hairy latex-producing perennials of Mediterranean area
    Antennaria, genus Antennaria
    small woolly perennial herbs having small whitish discoid flowers surrounded by a ring of club-shaped bristles
    Anthemis, genus Anthemis
    dog fennel
    Antheropeas, genus Antheropeas
    small genus of North American herbs often included in genus Eriophyllum
    Arctium, genus Arctium
    Arctotis, genus Arctotis
    herbs and subshrubs: African daisy
    Argyranthemum, genus Argyranthemum
    comprises plants often included in the genus Chrysanthemum
    Argyroxiphium, genus Argyroxiphium
    small genus of Hawaiian spreading and rosette-forming shrubs
    genus Arnica
    large genus of herbs of north temperate and Arctic regions
    Arnoseris, genus Arnoseris
    lamb succory
    genus Artemisia
    usually aromatic shrubs or herbs of north temperate regions and South Africa and western South America: wormwood; sagebrush; mugwort; tarragon
    genus Aster
    large genus of herbs widely cultivated for their daisylike flowers
    Baccharis, genus Baccharis
    shrubs of western hemisphere often having honey-scented flowers followed by silky thistlelike heads of tiny fruits; often used for erosion control
    Balsamorhiza, genus Balsamorhiza
    genus of coarse western American herbs with large roots containing an aromatic balsam
    Bellis, genus Bellis
    Bidens, genus Bidens
    bur marigolds
    Boltonia, genus Boltonia
    genus of tall leafy perennial herbs of eastern America and eastern Asia having flowers that resemble asters
    Brachycome, genus Brachycome
    mostly Australian herbs having basal or alternate leaves and loosely corymbose flower heads
    Brickellia, genus Brickelia
    genus of herbs of southwestern America having usually creamy florets followed by one-seeded fruits in a prominent bristly sheath
    Buphthalmum, genus Buphthalmum
    Cacalia, genus Cacalia
    genus of tall smooth herbs of forested mountains of Europe and Asia minor; in some classifications includes many plants usually placed in genus Emilia
    genus Calendula
    Callistephus, genus Callistephus
    one species: erect Asiatic herb with large flowers
    Carduus, genus Carduus
    genus of annual or perennial Old World prickly thistles
    Carlina, genus Carlina
    genus of Mediterranean thistles
    Carthamus, genus Carthamus
    genus Catananche
    genus of Mediterranean herbs: cupid's dart
    Centaurea, genus Centaurea
    knapweed; star thistle
    Chamaemelum, genus Chamaemelum
    small genus of plants sometimes included in genus Anthemis: chamomile
    genus Chaenactis
    genus of flowering herbs of western United States
    genus Chrysanthemum
    in some classifications many plants usually assigned to the genus Chrysanthemum have been divided among other genera: e.g. Argyranthemum; Dendranthema; Leucanthemum; Tanacetum
    Chrysopsis, genus Chrysopsis
    golden aster
    Chrysothamnus, genus Chrysothamnus
    genus of low branching shrubs of western North America
    Cichorium, genus Cichorium
    Cirsium, genus Cirsium
    plume thistles
    Cnicus, genus Cnicus
    one species: blessed thistle
    Conoclinium, genus Conoclinium
    Conyza, genus Conyza
    common American weed or wildflower
    genus Coreopsis
    genus of American plants widely cultivated for their flowers
    subgenus Calliopsis
    used in some classification systems for some plants of genus Coreopsis
    genus Cosmos
    genus of tropical American plants cultivated for their colorful flowers
    Cotula, genus Cotula
    cosmopolitan herbs especially southern hemisphere; many used as ground covers
    Craspedia, genus Craspedia
    herbs of Australia and New Zealand
    Crepis, genus Crepis
    hawk's-beard; cosmopolitan in northern hemisphere
    Cynara, genus Cynara
    artichoke; cardoon
    genus Dahlia
    genus of perennial tuberous plants of Mexico and Central America
    Delairea, genus Delairea
    one species: German ivy
    Dendranthema, genus Dendranthema
    comprises plants often included in the genus Chrysanthemum
    Dimorphotheca, genus Dimorphotheca
    South African herbs or subshrubs with usually yellow flowers
    Doronicum, genus Doronicum
    genus of Eurasian perennial tuberous or rhizomatous herbs: leopard's bane
    Echinacea, genus Echinacea
    small genus of North American coarse perennial herbs
    Echinops, genus Echinops
    genus of Mediterranean and Eurasian herbs: globe thistles
    Elephantopus, genus Elephantopus
    perennial American herb
    Emilia, genus Emilia
    tropical African herbs
    Encelia, genus Encelia
    genus of shrubs of southwestern United States and Mexico: brittlebush
    Enceliopsis, genus Enceliopsis
    small genus of xerophytic herbs of southwestern United States
    genus Engelmannia
    one species: North American herbs that resemble sunflowers
    genus Erechtites
    coarse herbs with whitish discoid flower heads and silky pappus
    Erigeron, genus Erigeron
    cosmopolitan genus of usually perennial herbs with flowers that resemble asters; leaves occasionally (especially formerly) used medicinally
    Eriophyllum, genus Eriophyllum
    genus of hairy herbs and shrubs of western North America
    Eupatorium, genus Eupatorium
    large genus of chiefly tropical herbs having heads of white or purplish flowers
    Felicia, genus Felicia
    genus of tropical African herbs or subshrubs with usually blue flowers
    genus Filago
    genus of small woolly herbs
    genus Gaillardia
    genus of western American hairy herbs with showy flowers
    genus Gazania
    genus of tomentose tropical African herbs with milky sap
    Gerbera, genus Gerbera
    genus of South African or Asiatic herbs: African daisies
    Gerea, genus Gerea
    small genus of hairy herbs with yellow flowers
    Gnaphalium, genus Gnaphalium
    large widely distributed genus of coarse hairy herbs with whitish involucres
    Grindelia, genus Grindelia
    large genus of coarse gummy herbs of western North and Central America
    Gutierrezia, genus Gutierrezia
    sticky perennial herbs and subshrubs of western North America and warm South America
    Gynura, genus Gynura
    genus of Old World tropical herbs: velvet plants
    Haastia, genus Haastia
    genus of New Zealand mat-forming herbs or subshrubs: vegetable sheep
    Haplopappus, genus Haplopappus
    genus of North and South American perennial herbs or shrubs with yellow flowers; in some classifications include species placed in other genera especially Hazardia
    Hazardia, genus Hazardia
    small genus of shrubs and subshrubs of western United States having flowers that change color as they mature
    Helenium, genus Helenium
    genus of American herbs with flowers having yellow rays: sneezeweeds
    genus Helianthus
    genus of tall erect or branched American annual or perennial herbs with showy flowers: sunflowers
    Helichrysum, genus Helichrysum
    large genus of mostly African and Australian herbs and shrubs: everlasting flowers; in some classifications includes genus Ozothamnus
    genus Heliopsis
    Helipterum, genus Helipterum
    genus of South African and Australian herbs or shrubs grown as everlastings; the various Helipterum species are currently in process of being assigned to other genera especially genera Pteropogon and Hyalosperma
    Heterotheca, genus Heterotheca
    genus of yellow-flowered North American herbs
    Hieracium, genus Hieracium
    large genus of perennial hairy herbs of Europe to western Asia to northwestern Africa and North America; few are ornamental; often considered congeneric with Pilosella
    Homogyne, genus Homogyne
    small genus of low perennial herbs of montane Europe; in some classifications included in genus Tussilago
    Hulsea, genus Hulsea
    small genus of erect balsam-scented herbs; Pacific coast of the northwestern United States
    Hyalosperma, genus Hyalosperma
    genus of herbs of temperate Australia including some from genus Helipterum
    Hypochaeris, Hypochoeris, genus Hypochaeris, genus Hypochoeris
    widely distributed genus of herbs with milky juice; includes some cosmopolitan weeds
    genus Inula
    genus of Old World herbs or subshrubs: elecampane
    genus Iva
    small genus of American herbs or shrubs; in some classifications placed in a separate family Ambrosiaceae
    genus Krigia
    small herbs closely related to chicory: dwarf dandelions
    Lactuca, genus Lactuca
    an herb with milky juice: lettuce; prickly lettuce
    Lagenophera, genus Lagenophera
    small genus of herbs of Australia and South America having small solitary white or purple flowers similar to true daisies of genus Bellis
    Lasthenia, genus Lasthenia
    small genus of herbs of Pacific coast of North and South America
    Layia, genus Layia
    genus of western United States annuals with showy yellow or white flowers
    Leontodon, genus Leontodon
    Leontopodium, genus Leontopodium
    Leucanthemum, genus Leucanthemum
    comprises plants often included in the genus Chrysanthemum
    Leucogenes, genus Leucogenes
    New Zealand edelweiss
    Liatris, genus Liatris
    genus of perennial North American herbs with aromatic usually cormous roots
    Ligularia, genus Ligularia
    genus of Old World herbs resembling groundsel: leopard plants
    Lindheimera, genus Lindheimera
    one species: Texas star
    Lonas, genus Lonas
    one species: yellow ageratum
    Machaeranthera, genus Machaeranthera
    wildflowers of western North America
    Madia, genus Madia
    genus of sticky herbs with yellow flowers open in morning or evening but closed in bright light
    Matricaria, genus Matricaria
    chiefly Old World strong-smelling weedy herbs; comprises plants sometimes included in other genera: e.g. Tanacetum; Tripleurospermum
    Melampodium, genus Melampodium
    herbs and subshrubs of warm North America
    Mikania, genus Mikania
    large genus of evergreen lianas of tropical America
    genus Mutisia
    genus of South American shrubs or lianas having large flower heads with feathery pappuses
    Nabalus, genus Nabalus
    genus of North American and east Asian perennial herbs; sometimes included in genus Prenanthes
    Olearia, genus Olearia
    large genus of Australian evergreen shrubs or small trees with large daisylike flowers
    Onopordon, Onopordum, genus Onopordon, genus Onopordum
    a genus of Eurasian herbs of the family Compositae with prickly foliage and large purplish flowers
    genus Othonna
    genus of western African herbs or shrubs
    Ozothamnus, genus Ozothamnus
    genus of Australian shrubs and perennial herbs; sometimes included in genus Helichrysum
    Packera, genus Packera
    genus of American of east Asian perennial herbs with yellow to orange or red flower rays; sometimes included in genus Senecio
    Parthenium, genus Parthenium
    small genus of North American herbs and shrubs with terminal panicles of small ray flowers
    Pericallis, genus Pericallis
    Petasites, genus Petasites
    genus of rhizomatous herbs of north temperate regions: butterbur; sweet coltsfoot
    Picris, genus Picris
    genus of weedy Old World yellow-flowered herbs usually containing a bitter-tasting substance: bitterweed
    Pilosella, genus Pilosella
    genus of hairy perennial herbs with horizontal rhizomes and leafy or underground stolons; Eurasia and North Africa; often considered congeneric with Hieracium
    Piqueria, genus Piqueria
    small genus of tropical American perennial herbs or subshrubs with white to pale yellow flowers; often included in genus Stevia
    Prenanthes, genus Prenanthes
    genus of North American and Asiatic perennial herbs having pinnatisect leaves small heads of drooping yellowish to purple flowers; sometimes includes species often placed in genus Nabalus
    genus Pteropogon
    genus of Australian and South African herbs including some from genus Helipterum
    Pulicaria, genus Pulicaria
    genus of temperate Old World herbs: fleabane
    Pyrethrum, genus Pyrethrum
    used in former classifications for plants later placed in genus Chrysanthemum and now often included in genus Tanacetum
    Raoulia, genus Raoulia
    genus of low-growing mat-forming New Zealand plants; in some classifications includes species placed in genus Haastia
    Ratibida, genus Ratibida
    genus of perennial wildflowers of North American plains and prairies; often cultivated for their showy flower heads
    genus Rhodanthe
    genus of xerophytic herbs and shrubs of South Africa and Australia; sometimes included in genus Helipterum
    Rudbeckia, genus Rudbeckia
    North American perennial herbs with showy cone-shaped flower heads
    Santolina, genus Santolina
    genus of Mediterranean subshrubs with rayless flower heads
    Sanvitalia, genus Sanvitalia
    small genus of tropical American annual herbs: creeping zinnia
    Saussurea, genus Saussurea
    genus of herbs of temperate and cool regions of Eurasia
    Scolymus, genus Scolymus
    small genus of thistlelike herbs of the Mediterranean region
    Senecio, genus Senecio
    enormous and diverse cosmopolitan genus of trees and shrubs and vines and herbs including many weeds
    genus Scorzonera
    genus of narrow-leaved European herbs
    Sericocarpus, genus Sericocarpus
    small genus of herbs of the eastern United States: white-topped asters
    Seriphidium, genus Seriphidium
    woody plants grown chiefly for their silver or grey and often aromatic foliage; formerly included in the genus Artemisia
    Serratula, genus Serratula
    genus of Old World perennial herbs with spirally arranged toothed leaves
    Silphium, genus Silphium
    tall North American perennial herbs
    Silybum, genus Silybum
    small genus of east African herbs
    Solidago, genus Solidago
    Sonchus, genus Sonchus
    sow thistles
    Stenotus, genus Stenotus
    genus of western North American low evergreen shrubs growing in dense tufts
    genus Stevia
    genus of shrubs and herbs of tropical and warm Americas
    Stokesia, genus Stokesia
    one species: stokes' aster
    Tageteste, genus Tagetes
    Tanacetum, genus Tanacetum
    a large genus of plants resembling chrysanthemums; comprises some plants often included in other genera especially genus Chrysanthemum
    Taraxacum, genus Taraxacum
    an asterid dicot genus of the family Compositae including dandelions
    Tetraneuris, genus Tetraneuris
    genus of hairy yellow-flowered plants of the western United States
    genus Tithonia
    genus of robust herbs of Mexico and Central America: Mexican sunflower
    Townsendia, genus Townsendia
    genus of western American low tufted herbs: Easter daisy
    Tragopogon, genus Tragopogon
    genus of Old World herbs with linear entire leaves and yellow or purple flower heads
    Trilisa, genus Trilisa
    genus of herbs of southern United States
    Tripleurospermum, genus Tripleurospermum
    small genus comprising plants often included in genus Matricaria
    Tussilago, genus Tussilago
    genus of low creeping yellow-flowered perennial herbs of north temperate regions: coltsfoots; in some classifications includes species often placed in other genera especially Homogyne and Petasites
    genus Ursinia
    genus of South African herbs and shrubs cultivated as ornamentals
    Verbesina, genus Verbesina
    herbs and shrubs of warm North America to Mexico; includes plants formerly placed in genus Actinomeris
    Actinomeris, genus Actinomeris
    used in some classification systems for plants now included in genus Verbesina
    genus Vernonia
    genus of New World tropical herbs or shrubs with terminal cymose heads of tubular flowers
    genus Wyethia
    coarse leafy perennial plants resembling sunflowers found especially in the western United States
    Xanthium, genus Xanthium
    coarse herbs having small heads of greenish flowers followed by burrs with hooked bristles
    genus Xeranthemum
    genus of annual densely hairy herbs of Mediterranean to southwestern Asia
    genus Zinnia
    genus of annual or perennial plants of tropical America having solitary heads of brightly colored flowers
    Rubia, genus Rubia
    type genus of the Rubiaceae; Old World herbs and subshrubs grown for their medicinal properties and for dye substances extracted from their roots
    Asperula, genus Asperula
    Calycophyllum, genus Calycophyllum
    medium to large tropical American trees having shiny reddish-brown shredding bark
    Chiococca, genus Chiococca
    shrubs of tropical and subtropical New World
    Coffea, genus Coffea
    coffee trees
    genus Chinchona, genus Cinchona
    large genus of trees of Andean region of South America having medicinal bark
    Galium, genus Galium
    annual or perennial herbs: bedstraw; cleavers
    genus Gardenia
    large genus of attractive Old World tropical shrubs and small trees
    genus Genipa
    tropical American evergreen trees or shrubs bearing yellow flowers and succulent edible fruit with a thick rind
    genus Hamelia
    evergreen tropical American shrubs or small trees
    Mitchella, genus Mitchella
    creeping evergreen herbs of North America
    Nauclea, genus Nauclea
    small genus of evergreen tropical shrubs or trees with smooth leathery leaves
    Pinckneya, genus Pinckneya
    small genus of shrubs or small trees of southeastern United States and northern South America
    Psychotria, genus Psychotria
    tropical chiefly South American shrubs and trees
    Sarcocephalus, genus Sarcocephalus
    genus of tropical African trees and shrubs
    Vangueria, genus Vangueria
    tropical African and Asiatic trees and shrubs having one-seeded fruit
    genus Abelia
    chiefly east Asian shrubs
    Diervilla, genus Diervilla
    small genus of low deciduous shrubs: bush honeysuckles
    Kolkwitzia, genus Kolkwitzia
    Chinese genus of 1 species: beauty bush
    Leycesteria, genus Leycesteria
    small species of shrubs of western Himalayas to China
    Linnaea, genus Linnaea
    one species: twinflower
    Lonicera, genus Lonicera
    Symphoricarpos, genus Symphoricarpos
    deciduous shrubs of North America and Central America and China
    Sambucus, genus Sambucus
    elder; elderberry
    Triostium, genus Triostium
    genus of Asiatic and North American herbs: feverroot
    Viburnum, genus Viburnum
    deciduous or evergreen shrubs or small trees: arrow-wood; wayfaring tree
    genus Weigela
    east Asian flowering shrubs
    Dipsacus, genus Dipsacus
    type genus of the Dipsacaceae: teasel
    genus Scabiosa
    annual or perennial herbs or subshrubs; mainly Mediterranean
    genus Polemonium
    type genus of the Polemoniaceae
    genus Acanthus
    bear's breeches
    Graptophyllum, genus Graptophyllum
    caricature plant
    Thunbergia, genus Thunbergia
    a genus of herbs or vines of the family Acanthaceae
    Bignonia, genus Bignonia
    one species: cross vine
    genus Catalpa
    a dicotyledonous genus of plants belonging to the family Bignoniaceae; has large flowers (white or mottled) and long terete pods
    Chilopsis, genus Chilopsis
    one species: desert willow
    Crescentia, genus Crescentia
    a genus of tropical American trees of the family Bignoniaceae; has a short trunk and crooked limbs and drooping branches
    genus Gesneria
    large genus of tropical American herbs having showy tubular flowers
    genus Achimenes
    genus of tropical perennial American herbs
    genus Aeschynanthus
    large genus of East Indian ornamental woody epiphytic plants
    Alsobia, genus Alsobia
    tropical American herbs sometimes included in genus Episcia
    genus Columnea
    genus of tropical American subshrubs and lianas
    genus Episcia
    genus of tropical American herbs having soft hairy foliage
    genus Gloxinia
    small genus of tropical American herbs with leafy stems and axillary flowers
    genus Kohleria
    genus of tropical American shrubs
    Saintpaulia, genus Saintpaulia
    east African herb with nodding flowers; widely cultivated
    Sinningia, genus Sinningia
    genus of perennial tuberous herbs and shrubs of Central and South America
    genus Streptocarpus
    large genus of usually stemless African or Asian herbs: Cape primrose
    Hydrophyllum, genus Hydrophyllum
    Emmanthe, genus Emmanthe
    one species: yellow bells
    Eriodictyon, genus Eriodictyon
    small genus of evergreen shrubs of southwestern United States and Mexico
    genus Nemophila
    genus of ornamental chiefly California herbs: baby blue-eyes
    genus Phacelia
    American herbs with usually pinnatifid leaves and blue or purple or white flowers in scorpioid cymes
    Pholistoma, genus Pholistoma
    straggling herbs of southwestern United States
    Acinos, genus Acinos
    plants closely allied to the genera Satureja and Calamintha
    Agastache, genus Agastache
    giant hyssop; Mexican hyssop
    Ajuga, genus Ajuga
    Ballota, genus Ballota
    perennial herbs or subshrubs of especially Mediterranean area: black horehound
    Blephilia, genus Blephilia
    small genus of North American herbs: wood mints
    Calamintha, genus Calamintha
    Clinopodium, genus Clinopodium
    wild basil
    Collinsonia, genus Collinsonia
    small genus of perennial erect or spreading aromatic herbs; United States
    genus Coleus
    genus of Old World tropical plants cultivated for their variegated leaves; various plants sometimes placed in genera Plectranthus or Solenostemon
    Conradina, genus Conradina
    small genus of low aromatic shrubs of southeastern United States
    Dracocephalum, genus Dracocephalum
    genus of American herbs and dwarf shrubs of the mind family: dragonheads
    genus Elsholtzia
    genus of Asiatic and African aromatic herbs
    Galeopsis, genus Galeopsis
    erect annual European herbs
    Glechoma, genus Glechoma
    ground ivy
    Hedeoma, genus Hedeoma
    small genus of American herbs (American pennyroyal)
    Hyssopus, genus Hyssopus
    Eurasian genus of perennial herbs or subshrubs
    Lamium, genus Lamium
    genus of Old World herbs: dead nettles; henbits
    Lavandula, genus Lavandula
    Leonotis, genus Leonotis
    small genus of tropical herbs and subshrubs of South Africa
    Leonurus, genus Leonurus
    genus of stout Old World herbs having flowers in whorls
    Lepechinia, Sphacele, genus Lepechinia, genus Sphacele
    a dicotyledonous genus of the family Labiatae
    Lycopus, genus Lycopus
    small genus of herbs of the mint family
    genus Origanum
    a genus of aromatic mints of the family Labiatae
    Majorana, genus Majorana
    small genus of herbs usually included in the genus Origanum
    Marrubium, genus Marrubium
    Old World aromatic herbs: horehound
    Melissa, genus Melissa
    a genus of Old World mints of the family Labiatae
    Mentha, genus Mentha
    mint plants
    Micromeria, genus Micromeria
    large genus of fragrant chiefly Old World herbs
    Molucella, genus Molucella
    small genus of aromatic herbs of Mediterranean regions; widely cultivated
    genus Monarda
    wild bergamot, horsemint, beebalm
    Nepeta, genus Nepeta
    Ocimum, genus Ocimum
    Perilla, genus Perilla
    small genus of Asiatic herbs
    genus Phlomis
    large genus of Old World aromatic herbs or subshrubs or shrubs having often woolly leaves
    genus Physostegia
    genus of North American perennial herbs
    genus Plectranthus
    large genus of ornamental flowering plants; includes some plants often placed in the genus Coleus
    Pogostemon, genus Pogostemon
    genus of Asiatic shrubs or trees whose leaves yield a fragrant oil
    Prunella, genus Prunella
    small genus of perennial mostly Eurasian having terminal spikes of small purplish or white flowers
    Koellia, Pycnanthemum, genus Koellia, genus Pycnanthemum
    American mountain mint
    Rosmarinus, genus Rosmarinus
    genus Salvia
    large genus of shrubs and subshrubs of the mint family varying greatly in habit: sage
    Satureia, Satureja, genus Satureia, genus Satureja
    Scutellaria, genus Scutellaria
    an asterid dicot genus that includes the skullcaps
    Sideritis, genus Sideritis
    genus of woolly aromatic herbs or subshrubs or shrubs of Mediterranean region
    Solenostemon, genus Solenostemon
    genus of shrubby often succulent herbs of tropical Africa and Asia; includes some plants often placed in genus Coleus
    Stachys, genus Stachys
    large genus of usually woolly or hairy herbs or subshrubs or shrubs; temperate eastern hemisphere; tropical Australasia
    Teucrium, genus Teucrium
    large widely distributed genus of perennial herbs or shrubs or subshrubs; native to Mediterranean region to western Asia
    Thymus, genus Thymus
    large genus of Old World mints: thyme
    Trichostema, genus Trichostema
    genus of North American aromatic herbs or subshrubs: blue curls
    Scrophularia, genus Scrophularia
    type genus of Scrophulariaceae; named for the plants' supposed ability to cure scrofula: figworts
    Antirrhinum, genus Antirrhinum
    a genus of herbs of the family Scrophulariaceae with brightly colored irregular flowers
    Besseya, genus Besseya
    genus of North American spring wildflowers
    Aureolaria, genus Aureolaria
    small genus of North American herbs often root-parasitic and bearing golden-yellow flowers; sometimes placed in genus Gerardia
    genus Calceolaria
    large genus of tropical American herbs and shrubs with showy cymose flowers
    Castilleia, Castilleja, genus Castilleia, genus Castilleja
    genus of western North and South American perennials often partially parasitic on roots of grasses
    Chelone, genus Chelone
    herbaceous perennials: shellflower
    Collinsia, genus Collinsia
    genus of hardy annual herbs of western United States
    Culver's physic, Culver's root, Culvers physic, Culvers root, Veronicastrum virginicum, whorlywort
    a tall perennial herb having spikes of small white or purple flowers; common in eastern North America
    genus Digitalis
    genus of Eurasian herbs having alternate leaves and racemes of showy bell-shaped flowers
    genus Gerardia
    genus of annual or perennial herbs with showy pink or purple or yellow flowers; plants often assigned to genera Aureolaria or Agalinis
    Agalinis, genus Agalinis
    semiparasitic herb with purple or white or pink flowers; grows in the United States and West Indies
    Linaria, genus Linaria
    genus of herbs and subshrubs having showy flowers: spurred snapdragon
    Penstemon, genus Penstemon
    large genus of subshrubs or herbs having showy blue or purple or red or yellow or white flowers; mostly western North America
    Verbascum, genus Verbascum
    genus of coarse herbs and subshrubs mostly with woolly leaves
    genus Veronica
    widespread genus of herbs with pink or white or blue or purple flowers: speedwell
    Solanum, genus Solanum
    type genus of the Solanaceae: nightshade; potato; eggplant; bittersweet
    Atropa, genus Atropa
    genus Browallia
    small genus of tropical South American annuals
    Brunfelsia, genus Brunfelsia
    genus of tropical American shrubs grown for their flowers followed by fleshy berrylike fruits
    Brugmansia, genus Brugmansia
    includes some plants often placed in the genus Datura: angel's trumpets
    Capsicum, genus Capsicum
    chiefly tropical perennial shrubby plants having many-seeded fruits: sweet and hot peppers
    Cestrum, genus Cestrum
    genus of fragrant tropical American shrubs
    Cyphomandra, genus Cyphomandra
    tree tomato
    Datura, genus Datura
    thorn apple
    Fabiana, genus Fabiana
    genus of South and Central American heathlike evergreen shrubs
    Hyoscyamus, genus Hyoscyamus
    genus of poisonous herbs: henbane
    Lycium, genus Lycium
    deciduous and evergreen shrubs often spiny; cosmopolitan in temperate and subtropical regions
    Lycopersicon, Lycopersicum, genus Lycopersicon, genus Lycopersicum
    Mandragora, genus Mandragora
    a genus of stemless herbs of the family Solanaceae
    Nicandra, genus Nicandra
    sturdy annual of Peru
    Nicotiana, genus Nicotiana
    American and Asiatic aromatic herbs and shrubs with viscid foliage
    genus Nierembergia
    genus of tropical American erect or creeping herbs with solitary flowers
    Petunia, genus Petunia
    annual or perennial herbs or shrubs of tropical South America
    Physalis, genus Physalis
    ground cherries
    Salpichroa, genus Salpichroa
    herbs of temperate North and South America: cock's eggs
    genus Salpiglossis
    small genus of herbs of the southern Andes having large showy flowers
    genus Schizanthus
    Chilean herbs with orchid-like flowers
    Scopolia, genus Scopolia
    genus of European perennial herbs yielding medicinal alkaloids
    Solandra, genus Solandra
    shrubby climbers of tropical America
    Streptosolen, genus Streptosolen
    one species: marmalade bush
    genus Verbena
    type genus of the Verbenaceae; genus of herbaceous perennials and subshrubs
    Avicennia, genus Avicennia
    small genus of tropical shrubs or trees
    Aegiceras, genus Aegiceras
    a genus of herbs of the family Verbenaceae
    Tectona, genus Tectona
    small genus of southeastern Asian tropics: teak
    Valeriana, genus Valeriana
    genus of widely distributed perennial herbs and some shrubs
    Valerianella, genus Valerianella
    genus of Old World annual herbs widely naturalized
    Centranthus, genus Centranthus
    genus of southern European herbs and subshrubs
    type of:
    dicot genus, magnoliopsid genus
    genus of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination
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