The adjective artistic describes people who are creative or creations called "art." While you might not consider the sculptor Oldenburg's inflatable toilet as "art," recreating something ordinary in a unique way is very artistic.

Artistic often describes something pleasing to look at, but you don't have to like everything called artistic. If you make paintings, clay figures, or computer drawings, you're being artistic, because you're creating works of art. If you're creative in a less structured way — say, you arrange everything on your desk by shape and color so it looks nice and you enjoy doing it — that's artistic too. It may not always be "art," but it's still artistic creation.

Definitions of artistic

adj relating to or characteristic of art or artists

“his artistic background”

adj aesthetically pleasing

“an artistic flower arrangement”
aesthetic, esthetic
having or showing or conforming to good taste

adj satisfying aesthetic standards and sensibilities

artistic workmanship”
aesthetic, aesthetical, esthetic, esthetical
concerning or characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste

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