Other forms: araucarias

Definitions of araucaria
  1. noun
    any of several tall South American or Australian trees with large cones and edible seeds
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    Araucaria araucana, chile pine, monkey puzzle
    large Chilean evergreen conifer having intertwined branches and bearing edible nuts
    Araucaria excelsa, Araucaria heterophylla, norfolk island pine
    evergreen of Australia and Norfolk Island in the South Pacific
    Araucaria columnaris, new caledonian pine
    very tall evergreen of New Caledonia and the New Hebrides similar to norfolk island pine
    Araucaria bidwillii, bunya bunya, bunya bunya tree
    Australian conifer bearing two-inch seeds tasting like roasted chestnuts; among the aborigines the tree is hereditary property protected by law
    Araucaria cunninghamii, Moreton Bay pine, hoop pine
    pine of Australia and New Guinea; yields a valuable light even-textured wood
    type of:
    conifer, coniferous tree
    any gymnospermous tree or shrub bearing cones
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