1. acrimonious marked by strong resentment or cynicism
  2. achromatize remove color from
  3. achromatise remove color from
  4. achromatous having little or inadequate color
  5. aquarium a tank or pool filled with water for keeping live fish
  6. achromatic having no hue
  7. Aquarius a zodiacal constellation in the southern hemisphere
  8. anagrammatize read letters out of order to discover a hidden meaning
  9. anagrammatise read letters out of order to discover a hidden meaning
  10. achromatism the visual property of being without chromatic color
  11. Cichorium intybus perennial Old World herb having rayed flower heads with blue florets cultivated for its root and its heads of crisp edible leaves used in salads
  12. achromatin the part of a cell nucleus that is relatively uncolored by stains or dyes
  13. square matrix a matrix with the same number of rows and columns
  14. aqua fortis acid used especially in the production of fertilizers and explosives and rocket fuels
  15. aquatics sports that involve bodies of water
  16. achromatinic not readily colored by stains
  17. formidable extremely impressive in strength or excellence
  18. achromasia unnatural lack of color in the skin
  19. acarpous producing no fruit
  20. dichromatopsia a deficiency of color vision in which the person can match any given hue by mixing only two other wavelengths of light (as opposed to the three wavelengths needed by people with normal color vision)