Definitions of apricot

n downy yellow to rosy-colored fruit resembling a small peach

Type of:
edible fruit
edible reproductive body of a seed plant especially one having sweet flesh

n Asian tree having clusters of usually white blossoms and edible fruit resembling the peach

apricot tree
Japanese apricot, Prunus mume, mei
Japanese ornamental tree with fragrant white or pink blossoms and small yellow fruits
Prunus armeniaca, common apricot
temperate zone tree bearing downy yellow to rosy fruits
Prunus dasycarpa, black apricot, purple apricot
small hybrid apricot of Asia and Asia Minor having purplish twigs and white flowers following by inferior purple fruit
Type of:
fruit tree
tree bearing edible fruit

n a shade of pink tinged with yellow

peach, salmon pink, yellowish pink
Type of:
a light shade of red

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