1. abalone a large edible marine gastropod with an ear-shaped shell
  2. apolune apoapsis in orbit around the moon
  3. opaline having a play of lustrous rainbow colors
  4. Abilene a city in central Texas
  5. apple nut nutlike seed of a South American palm
  6. appalling causing shock, dismay, or horror
  7. Appleton English physicist remembered for his studies of the ionosphere (1892-1966)
  8. obelion the craniometric point on the sagittal suture near the lamboid suture
  9. appliance a device or tool that is very useful for a particular job
  10. Joplin United States singer who died of a drug overdose at the height of her popularity (1943-1970)
  11. appellation identifying words by which someone or something is called
  12. apple pie pie (with a top crust) containing sliced apples and sugar
  13. apple a tree widely cultivated for its firm rounded edible fruits
  14. appalled struck with dread, shock, or dismay
  15. abolition doing away with a system or practice or institution
  16. appealing able to attract interest or draw favorable attention
  17. Opiliones harvestmen
  18. ablution the act of washing oneself, as for ritual purposes
  19. apply employ for a particular purpose
  20. yaupon holly an evergreen shrub