1. epiphany an inspiration or divine manifestation
  2. Epiphany twelve days after Christmas
  3. aphonia a disorder of the vocal organs that results in the loss of voice
  4. opinion a personal belief or judgment
  5. cacophony loud confusing disagreeable sounds
  6. apophatic of or relating to the belief that God can be known to humans only in terms of what He is not (such as `God is unknowable')
  7. apophasis mentioning something by saying it will not be mentioned
  8. apophysis (anatomy) a natural outgrowth or projection on an organ or body part such as the process of a vertebra
  9. allophone (linguistics) any of various acoustically different forms of the same phoneme
  10. open affording free passage or access
  11. epiphora repetition of the ends of two or more successive sentences, verses, etc.
  12. Abyssinia Ethiopia is a republic in northeastern Africa on the Red Sea
  13. apolune apoapsis in orbit around the moon
  14. apogean relating to or characteristic of an apogee
  15. pavonia any of various evergreen plants of the genus Pavonia having white or yellow or purple flowers
  16. Abronia genus of western North American herbs having showy flowers
  17. allophonic pertaining to allophones
  18. apophyseal of or relating to an apophysis
  19. anopheline any mosquito of the genus Anopheles
  20. Apogon type genus of the Apogonidae